Dear volunteers,

We can’t wait until everything is ready to roll up our sleeves. That’s why we organised an activity on Tuesday, the 27th of April: we will dig and sow flower beds, so that beautiful flowers will adorn our future neighbourhood park a few weeks later.

We want to prepare two flower beds: one near the tree and the insect hotel, and one near the Oude Molenweg. That way the flowers (and our park) will be clearly visible to all cyclists and hikers.

We want to place thick branches and pieces of poplar trunks around the flower beds, so that it’s clear to the municipal mowing service that they shouldn’t mow there.

We’d love to see you join us!

We’re starting at 10 o'clock and we'll see when we call it a day.

We don't have any tools yet. Bringing your own tools will be very helpful. The following tools will probably be useful:

And if you want to enjoy the park and each other’s company, bring the following:

We’ll bake something delicious and we’ll bring a limited amount of coffee and tea. If you’re already sure that you want to participate, please answer this email. It’s possible to decide at the last moment whether you will participate or not.

Best regards on behalf of the entire team,

Elzien Lochs Secretary of the Groene Poort Oost Foundation.

PS: NL-Doet, the big Dutch volunteer day, takes place on May the 29th. We’re planning to do something on that day. You’ll be notified about this later.